Let’s paint a different picture

Strategic marketing solutions for social and environmental causes


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Let’s paint a different picture

Strategic marketing solutions for social and environmental causes


Download the Cause Canvas

Request a consultation

Craft a compelling marketing strategy based on your mission

Deliver an engaging experience and make a lasting impression

Position your cause for sustained growth and impact

Is your cause getting the attention it deserves?

If you find yourself facing any number of the following roadblocks, you’re in the right place.

Times have changed and you’re not seeing the results you once used to

Marketing is not aligned with your organisational strategy and mission

There’s disconnect between marketing, sales and business development

Your systems are not integrated and digital processes eat up your time

Key messaging and overall content don’t support your objectives

Your website is neither engaging nor converting leads

Your marketing funnel is running dry or shows low conversion rates

Your customers, members or donors are few and aren’t renewing

From concept to completion, we craft the blueprint that gets you results that matter.

Cause Canvas

Download the Cause Canvas

Your strategy tool to put more good out into the world

Starting out or scaling up? Discover the Cause Canvas, a strategy framework for organisations committed to inclusive growth. Consisting of nine elements that revolve around your dream for a better world, the tool guides you through questions that are key in growing a cause.

Let’s work together to create sustainable change

Marketing strategy for social impact

Develop a marketing strategy that is aligned with your mission and breathes new life into your sales or fundraising campaigns.

Brand narrative that sparks your customer journey

Let your expertise shine at every step of the customer journey. We develop content that effectively tells your story and inspires action.

Coherent workflows across all your platforms

Save time and deliver an engaging experience across all platforms by streamlining and automating your digital processes.

Engaging websites that lead to action

Revamp your website or build one from scratch to support your organisation’s objectives, revitalise your image and turn visitors into qualified leads.

In broad strokes, here’s what you can expect

Book a consultation and tell us what you’re trying to solve

Receive a proposal tailored to your needs and requests

Roll out a marketing strategy that exemplifies your cause

It’s time for your cause to make its mark

Social and environmental causes are at the heart of the Marketing Palette. We understand that this field has unique challenges and needs to be agile when facing roadblocks. We are passionate about causes that put good out into the world, that inspire both wonder and action, improve lives, connect communities, and protect our planet. As specialists in strategic marketing and digital processes, we devote ourselves to taking on your challenges so you can spend less time worrying and more time creating sustainable change through the programmes and projects you love.


For the duration of the partnership, we will become part of your team and strive to implement the solutions that best address your organisation’s goals and objectives. We have over 10 years experience working with organisations like yours, on both strategic and operational levels. Our methods are multilevel: we zoom out to get an impression of your organisation and advise on strategy, and then zoom in on processes to help you optimise and align them with your strategy.

We not only look at the experience of your external audiences across your channels but also make sure that your internal processes run smoothly so you can save time and reduce the administrative burden. We always keep an eye out on automation and integration possibilities to ease your work and keep innovating your business. You can expect quality and accuracy at every step of the way.

Our clients say it best

Laura is a highly-skilled, super motivated, professional and well-rounded marketing consultant. Over the course of two months, she supported our team in the implementation of Hubspot and more specifically consulting how to best bridge our marketing and sales activities and advising us on best practices across our marketing campaigns. Laura comes highly recommended at both a strategic and operational level and can be counted on to get a project done timely and exceeding expectations. On top of everything, she is an absolute delight to work with, positive and efficient – she isn’t afraid to delve into projects, ask questions and push her clients to be better and achieve more. I look forward to working with her again!


Amina Ariana Lang, Marketing & Communications Manager
EIT InnoEnergy

I had the pleasure of working with Laura on a variety of projects over a 7 month period. From a marketing perspective, Laura had the Midas touch and excelled in everything she worked on, delivering exceptional quality of work, on time and in budget. But what really sets Laura apart is her professionalism, her can-do attitude, her passion for what she does, and above all, her work ethic. I have no hesitation in recommending Laura to consult at strategic and operational level for marketing projects.


Etienne de Jager, Senior Marketing Manager
EIT InnoEnergy Professional Learning

Laura is a professional digital marketer, covering aspects from strategy to online campaigns and web analytics reporting. She developed the digital marketing strategy and managed SNV’s website refresh from redesign recommendations all the way through to implementation with the web agency. The website revamp together with the online campaigns led to a steady increase in visits and engagement. Laura combines strategic insight with thoroughness and an eye for detail. She has a strong sense of ownership and responsibility.


Karin Bokhove, Marketing Strategist & Manager
SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Laura to set up our new CRM and email marketing system. Laura is a true expert in her field and easily transported us out of the ”dark ages” to a place where we can now easily measure our client engagement, create tailor-made automations for specific needs, and welcome new joiners to our tribe. Laura reviewed and tested several systems before recommending the one that would suit our needs, budget and future aspirations the very best. She also helped us clarify and sequence our customer journey, generate plenty of ideas for our content strategy, and from there develop the wireframes for our website. Professional, detailed, action oriented and quickly responding to our questions and needs Laura is a true asset.


Manuela Damant, Women's Leadership Coach & Trainer

Laura is one in a million. I have never encountered a person with her unique mix of high-level strategic thinking and brilliantly detail-oriented executive skills. Laura is creative, determined and enthusiastic as well as a great sparring partner whose solid and thoughtful advice is to be taken seriously. She can navigate complex situations and deliver on a project against all odds. I always trusted her to pick up and enrich the brief on the fly and make things happen. Usually exceeding expectations, she was ahead of the curve in bringing innovation when the organization most required it. During her time at Akvo, Laura improved our marketing efforts enormously. Thanks to her, we’ve been able to roll out consistent marketing campaigns and generate qualified leads like never before. She used her creativity, intelligence, abundance of energy and entrepreneurial drive to make a marketing strategy that worked, brought results and hit the bottom line.


Alvaro de Salvo, Head of Marketing & Communications

We worked with Laura to streamline Azkua’s marketing processes and define our customer journey. We now have a well functioning marketing automation system that ensures all relevant data goes through one channel. She also helped us identify our client persona and designed our website wireframes, so we can ensure that all our communications address the client base we want to reach. Laura brings a wealth of knowledge with her and her maximising nature will make sure you deliver on the deadlines agreed at the outset.


Dovile Corrigan, Strengths Coach & Trainer