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Strategic marketing for impact-driven organisations

Is your organisation working to create social and environmental impact? Are you looking to grow but realise your marketing strategy and processes need an overhaul? With the Marketing Palette you will strengthen your brand and optimise your customer journey while staying focused on your mission and values. I am Laura Tufis, impact-driven marketer and digital strategist, and I created the Marketing Palette for each and every good cause out there aiming to inspire, improve lives, connect communities and protect our planet. So let’s use marketing for good and work together towards a better world for everyone!

Boost your cause strategically

Receive support in developing a powerful marketing strategy. Streamline your customer journey for maximum engagement and alignment with your mission.

Let your expertise shine

AKA become the go-to organisation in your field. Tap into your staff’s knowledge and unlock the content that will put you on the map.

Supercharge your website

Use your website to accelerate your organisation’s objectives and ignite your cause at every step. Turn your visitors into qualified leads.

My clients say it best

Laura is a highly-skilled, super motivated, professional and well-rounded marketing consultant. Over the course of two months, she supported our team in the implementation of Hubspot and more specifically consulting how to best bridge our marketing and sales activities and advising us on best practices across our marketing campaigns. Laura comes highly recommended at both a strategic and operational level and can be counted on to get a project done timely and exceeding expectations. On top of everything, she is an absolute delight to work with, positive and efficient – she isn’t afraid to delve into projects, ask questions and push her clients to be better and achieve more. I look forward to working with her again!


Amina Ariana Lang, Marketing & Communications Manager
EIT InnoEnergy

Laura is one in a million. I have never encountered a person with her unique mix of high-level strategic thinking and brilliantly detail-oriented executive skills. Laura is creative, determined and enthusiastic as well as a great sparring partner whose solid and thoughtful advice is to be taken seriously. She can navigate complex situations and deliver on a project against all odds. I always trusted her to pick up and enrich the brief on the fly and make things happen. Usually exceeding expectations, she was ahead of the curve in bringing innovation when the organization most required it. During her time at Akvo, Laura improved our marketing efforts enormously. Thanks to her, we’ve been able to roll out consistent marketing campaigns and generate qualified leads like never before. She used her creativity, intelligence, abundance of energy and entrepreneurial drive to make a marketing strategy that worked, brought results and hit the bottom line.


Alvaro de Salvo, Head of Marketing & Communications

I had the pleasure of working with Laura on a variety of projects over a 7 month period. From a marketing perspective, Laura had the Midas touch and excelled in everything she worked on, delivering exceptional quality of work, on time and in budget. But what really sets Laura apart is her professionalism, her can-do attitude, her passion for what she does, and above all, her work ethic. I have no hesitation in recommending Laura to consult at strategic and operational level for marketing projects.


Etienne de Jager, Senior Marketing Manager
EIT InnoEnergy Professional Learning

Laura is a professional digital marketer, covering aspects from strategy to online campaigns and web analytics reporting. She developed the digital marketing strategy and managed SNV’s website refresh from redesign recommendations all the way through to implementation with the web agency. The website revamp together with the online campaigns led to a steady increase in visits and engagement. Laura combines strategic insight with thoroughness and an eye for detail. She has a strong sense of ownership and responsibility.


Karin Bokhove, Marketing Strategist & Manager
SNV Netherlands Development Organisation