Strengthen the marketing of your mission-driven organisation

Are you committed to making a positive change? Do you aim to enrich the lives of people everywhere and are determined to boost your impact? With the Marketing Palette you will reach the people who have to hear your story and will trigger the action needed to turn your organisation’s goals into reality. The palette is a tailored mix of sure-fire marketing solutions that will help you (re-)imagine and (re-)paint your Cause Canvas – that perfect space in which your cause turns into amazing impact. I am Laura Tufis, nonprofit marketer and digital campaigner, and I created the Marketing Palette for each and every good cause out there aiming to inspire, improve lives, connect communities or protect our planet. So let’s use marketing for good and work together towards a better world for everyone!

Implement the Cause Canvas

The Cause Canvas is a strategic marketing tool I designed for organisations looking to boost their sales while staying mindful of their mission and values. Receive support in implementing it.

Supercharge your website

Use your website to accelerate your organisation’s objectives and ignite your cause at every step.

Let your expertise shine

AKA become the go-to organisation in your field. Tap into your staff’s knowledge and unlock the content that will put you on the map.

Make a splash

Give your cause the buzz that it deserves! Inspire, build communities and convert one-time customers into long-term advocates through data-driven campaigns.

My clients say it best