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Grow your cause while staying connected to the core purpose and the people involved

Expanding the reach of a social or environmental cause is no easy feat. With so many actors involved – from the local partners directly affected by the problem you’re trying to solve, to supporters, ambassadors and internal teams – building a strategy that resonates with everyone involved can be a challenge. How do you deal with the competing priorities of your sector and make sure you amplify your impact without compromising your foundational values and the relationships with the people involved? Discover the Cause Canvas, a strategic framework for organisations committed to inclusive growth.

Why use the Cause Canvas?

Cause Canvas

• Infuse clarity into what your organisation stands for and establish your uniqueness.
• Ask critical questions and co-create ideas to ensure alignment and long-term support.
• Develop a solid strategy that brings together the key elements of your cause.
• Boost your funding while reflecting the needs and wants of all your audiences.
• Safeguard your values and relationships as you grow your cause.

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How to use the Cause Canvas?

The Cause Canvas guides you through ten interconnected elements that are essential in expanding the reach of your cause: The Higher Goal, Local partners, Collective promise, Action, Resources, Synergy, Ambassadors, Proof, Supporters and Platforms. It’s a strategic framework that will help you ask critical questions, initiate conversations, spark new ideas, slice and dice your information, and bring everything together into a strategy driven by the Higher Goal and supported by everyone involved.


1. Picture

Picture your dream turn into reality. What needs to change and why is it important? Distilling the Higher Goal – your ‘Why’ – will provide clarity on the driving force of your cause and shed light on the other elements of the Cause Canvas.

Zoom in

2. Zoom in

Work through each element of the framework, ask questions, gather insights, co-create ideas and start identifying unique selling points and collaboration opportunities.

Connect icon

3. Connect

Connect the dots of the insights you have gained and bridge the efforts and priorities of all the stakeholders. Ensure open communication and cooperation among all the people involved.

Evaluate icon

4. Evaluate

The Canvas has a circular structure, allowing you to constantly feed the insights and lessons learned back into the picture, adjust as needed, and keep improving.

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