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Starting out or scaling up? The Cause Canvas is designed for social and environmental causes that are either crafting their strategy from the ground up or re-positioning themselves for the future. Building a strategy that resonates with everyone involved is a challenge. You have to consider the relationships you have with your supporters, partners, ambassadors and the local communities that your cause has dedicated itself to. How do you deal with competing priorities and expand your reach while staying true to your foundational values and engaging in lasting, respectful relationships with everyone involved? Discover the Cause Canvas, a strategy framework for organisations committed to inclusive growth. Consisting of nine elements that revolve around your dream for a better world (the higher goal), the tool guides you through questions that are key in growing a cause. 

Why use the Cause Canvas?

Cause Canvas

• Develop a refreshing strategy that brings together the key elements of your cause.
• Ask critical questions and co-create ideas to ensure alignment and long-term support.
• Infuse clarity into what your organisation stands for and establish your uniqueness.
• Attract your ideal customers or donors and turn them into long-term supporters.
• Boost your funding while reflecting the needs and aspirations of all your audiences.
• Safeguard your values and relationships as you grow your cause.

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