Let’s use regenerative marketing to drive more impact

Marketing strategy for social impact

Marketing strategy for social impact

Receive support in developing a marketing strategy that attracts your ideal community partners, customers or funders and turns them into long-term supporters – all the while making sure you stay true to your foundational values and on track towards your impact goals.

At the centre of our services lies the Cause Canvas – our marketing strategy framework for impact-first organisations. The tool is free to download and comes with a series of questions that will guide you through expanding the reach of your cause in a strategic and sustainable way. To help you implement the Cause Canvas and craft a refreshing strategy, we provide workshops and consultancy tailored to your organisation’s needs.

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We recognise that developing a strategy that everyone involved believes in, benefits from and is inspired by, is no easy feat. That’s why we’ve created the Cause Canvas – a nine-element strategy framework that revolves around your dream for a more just and sustainable world and helps you safeguard your values and relationships as you grow your cause. By using the Cause Canvas as a guiding tool, we help you conduct stakeholder and persona research, audit your marketing messages and processes, identify gaps, opportunities and focus areas, and strengthen your value proposition so that it resonates with all your stakeholders and reflects your organisation’s purpose. Make sure you download the Cause Canvas and get familiar with its concepts. And get in touch if you need support in implementing it. 

Streamline your community’s journey for maximum engagement and alignment with your mission. We work with you to map your personas’ journey touchpoints, build or strengthen your marketing flywheel/funnel for optimum conversion and retention, and develop key messages that speak to your communities at every stage – all with your core purpose in mind.

Maximise your ideal marketing platforms. We offer advice on effectively reaching your audiences and provide content and technical tips on optimising the use of your key channels.

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Brand narrative that sparks your customer journey

Brand narrative that sparks your community’s journey

Tell your story in an engaging way and position your organisation as a thought leader in your field. We can help you let your expertise shine, connect with your audience through content that matters and develop a content strategy that inspires and builds long-lasting relationships.

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Receive support in developing a content strategy aligned with your organisation’s impact goals. With your objectives and personas in mind, we conduct an audit of all your content, define your content pillars and pinpoint content pieces that can boost your community’s journey. You will also receive a three-month editorial calendar.

Get the content you need to optimise your marketing flywheel/funnel. We help you develop content for the key touchpoints in your community’s journey.

Save time by outsourcing your content development. From blog posts and marketing emails to sales copy, content for new product launches and website content revamps, we can support you in writing content that breathes new life into your cause, speaks to all your stakeholders, boosts your conversion rates and is in tune with your values.

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Coherent workflows across all your platforms

Coherent workflows across all your platforms

Streamline your digital workflows, bridge marketing and sales, and make use of automations that will optimise your community’s journey and save you time and energy. We have extensive experience working with marketing/sales automation systems like HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, MailerLite, Pipedrive and more.  

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We can conduct an audit of your digital tools: marketing, sales and service software, CRM, website, ecommerce apps, learning management system, reporting tools and more. We can then advise on how to improve their use, select new ones based on your goals and needs, implement and integrate them, and automate your processes for more efficiency and increased conversions along your funnel.

Receive implementation support or training in specific areas such as: online lead generation, flywheel/funnel strategy and automation (from lead generation to customer conversion and retention), database management and segmentation, automated workflows for tailored campaigning, A/B testing, personalised content, lead scoring, chatbot creation and more.

Align your marketing and sales/business development processes. We will work with you to select the ideal system(s) and develop the right processes to underpin your marketing, sales and the bridge between the two. This will help you prioritise the most qualified leads and maximise your business development efforts.

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Engaging websites that lead to action

Engaging websites that lead to action 

Is your website aligned with the objectives of your cause? Does it tell a clear, captivating story that resonates with your audience and prompts action? Does your content convert visitors into leads and get people to return for more?

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Receive key action points for general improvement. You provide us with your impact objectives and analytics and we conduct an audit of your website’s content and structure, and offer advice on key areas of improvement.

Boost engagement, lead generation, sales or donations on your website. We will help you maximise the potential of your website in strengthening your flywheel/funnel: from revamping the structure and content of your key pages to integrating your website with the systems that will power up your efforts.

Need a full website revamp? We can manage your project from A to Z: audit, persona research, strategy and structure, communication with web developers, content refresh, flywheel/funnel strategy and content migration.

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As a direct result of Laura’s hard work we now have a brand new mobile-responsive website which includes an intuitive and user-friendly interface and blog, a more solid presence on social media and country-wide recognition with all large education foundations. Moreover, Laura proved to be particularly gifted in the development of marketing materials tailored to our diverse target audience.


Thierry Verheije, 2014 – 2015 President
Huygens Talent Circle (HUTAC)

Laura is a real asset to any company that she works for. She is a problem solver and has an outstanding understanding of automated marketing systems.


Kayla Ebert, Corporate Communications Manager
EIT InnoEnergy

When I heard about the Cause Canvas workshop, I said yes immediately because I was shifting my business model to something new, and I needed to get clear on my model and positioning in the market. Doing the work together on the creative platform used for the canvas [Miro], it felt a little daunting at first but I quickly fell in love with using it to brainstorm and put down my ideas, research and resources to help my business. I think what I enjoyed the most was the way the platform was structured, which put me into more of a creative zone, with a big picture view that could be zoomed right down to the little details. I learn best visually and hands-on, and this workshop gave me both. I’ve gotten more clear not only on my messaging but on the whole structure of my business, who needs to be involved and how, and the gaps that need to be addressed.


Brenda MacIntyre, Founder
Medicine Song Woman Creations

We worked with Laura to streamline Azkua’s marketing processes and define our customer journey. We now have a well functioning marketing automation system that ensures all relevant data goes through one channel. She also helped us identify our client persona and designed our website wireframes, so we can ensure that all our communications address the client base we want to reach. Laura brings a wealth of knowledge with her and her maximising nature will make sure you deliver on the deadlines agreed at the outset.


Dovile Corrigan, Strengths Coach & Trainer

I had the pleasure of working with Laura on a variety of projects over a 7 month period. From a marketing perspective, Laura had the Midas touch and excelled in everything she worked on, delivering exceptional quality of work, on time and in budget. But what really sets Laura apart is her professionalism, her can-do attitude, her passion for what she does, and above all, her work ethic. I have no hesitation in recommending Laura to consult at strategic and operational level for marketing projects.


Etienne de Jager, Senior Marketing Manager
EIT InnoEnergy Professional Learning

Thank you for the great coverage of our event (EIT Awards Ceremony 2013) on our social media channels. We have been getting some really good feedback – everyone was really impressed and I thought you’d like to know that our keynote speaker, Naveen Jain, mentioned this to us specifically when we met him after the event!


Caroline Vandenplas, Head of Communications
European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Laura to set up our new CRM and email marketing system. Laura is a true expert in her field and easily transported us out of the ”dark ages” to a place where we can now easily measure our client engagement, create tailor-made automations for specific needs, and welcome new joiners to our tribe. Laura reviewed and tested several systems before recommending the one that would suit our needs, budget and future aspirations the very best. She also helped us clarify and sequence our customer journey, generate plenty of ideas for our content strategy, and from there develop the wireframes for our website. Professional, detailed, action oriented and quickly responding to our questions and needs Laura is a true asset.


Manuela Damant, Women's Leadership Coach & Trainer

Working with Laura has been a real pleasure. She has been very helpful in the implementation of Hubspot in our company. Her knowledge, skills and hands-on attitude have allowed us to structure this project and get it done. She has been of very good advice and support, and I would definitely recommend her work as a consultant.


Susana Maure Perez, Senior Marketing Manager
EIT InnoEnergy

Laura is the manifestation of “Integrity”! Everything she does is absolutely the top quality that one can expect. She always – always – goes the extra mile to provide the best service for her clients. She is very knowledgeable in the domain of purpose-driven marketing and I am extremely grateful to have had her as my marketing advisor. I highly recommend Laura for any purpose-driven enterprise.


Somaye Dehban, Nexus Strategist & Change Leader

I had the opportunity to invite Laura as a guest speaker for one event. The attention to detail, her ability to connect with the attendees and her passion for ethical marketing left our students eager to learn more and equipped with the skills and resources they needed to start applying what they learned in their organizations. Laura goes beyond to ensure what she has to share reaches people!


Daniel Londoño Hoyos, Operations Associate
Acumen Academy

With lots of years of experience in the different aspects of nonprofit marketing, Laura’s level of expertise can be described as ‘native’. She works hard, is detailed and to-the-point. Add to that a modern approach, great dedication and a sharp focus on results. The Marketing Palette is a one-stop-shop for NGOs looking to improve their marketing.


Reinier van Oorsouw, Director & Producer
Beyond Borders Media

Laura is a professional digital marketer, covering aspects from strategy to online campaigns and web analytics reporting. She developed the digital marketing strategy and managed SNV’s website refresh from redesign recommendations all the way through to implementation with the web agency. The website revamp together with the online campaigns led to a steady increase in visits and engagement. Laura combines strategic insight with thoroughness and an eye for detail. She has a strong sense of ownership and responsibility.


Karin Bokhove, Marketing Strategist & Manager
SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

Laura is one in a million. I have never encountered a person with her unique mix of high-level strategic thinking and brilliantly detail-oriented executive skills. Laura is creative, determined and enthusiastic as well as a great sparring partner whose solid and thoughtful advice is to be taken seriously. She can navigate complex situations and deliver on a project against all odds. I always trusted her to pick up and enrich the brief on the fly and make things happen. Usually exceeding expectations, she was ahead of the curve in bringing innovation when the organization most required it. During her time at Akvo, Laura improved our marketing efforts enormously. Thanks to her, we’ve been able to roll out consistent marketing campaigns and generate qualified leads like never before. She used her creativity, intelligence, abundance of energy and entrepreneurial drive to make a marketing strategy that worked, brought results and hit the bottom line.


Alvaro de Salvo, Head of Marketing & Communications

Laura is a highly-skilled, super motivated, professional and well-rounded marketing consultant. Over the course of two months, she supported our team in the implementation of Hubspot and more specifically consulting how to best bridge our marketing and sales activities and advising us on best practices across our marketing campaigns. Laura comes highly recommended at both a strategic and operational level and can be counted on to get a project done timely and exceeding expectations. On top of everything, she is an absolute delight to work with, positive and efficient – she isn’t afraid to delve into projects, ask questions and push her clients to be better and achieve more. I look forward to working with her again!


Amina Ariana Lang, Marketing & Communications Manager
EIT InnoEnergy

I had the opportunity to use the Cause Canvas at an important stage of redefining CoPartnerUp, the platform where changemakers from around the world come together to create partnerships for change. I needed clarity on how to engage the various stakeholders, making sure not to exclude anyone. The process was intense, but with Laura’s guidance I was able to achieve the clarity I was looking for and figure out how to develop a content plan that would share our mission and co-create our vision with those who will join us. I am confident that with this clarity we will be able to reach those who wish to join our community and create meaningful partnerships. I recommend the Cause Canvas to anyone looking for a comprehensive tool and outstanding guidance to help them better define to whom and how to communicate clearly and effectively to create lasting positive impact.


Claudia Marras, Founder

Laura guided a group of Indigenous women throughout the Cause Canvas model, and I am honoured to have been included in this opportunity. Her guidance was very loving, encouraging, supportive and helpful. Her ability to adapt and make requested changes to fit the learning needs of the group was excellent. Her openness to receive feedback and guidance from participants was inspiring to see. The Cause Canvas model itself centers on the higher goal, and she always reminded us to connect back to the higher goal to tie everything together, as it’s all interconnected. I look forward to building off of this solid foundation and continue being a part of greater change for future generations. Ekosani Laura for your guidance and support.


Lee Spence, Founder
Lee Mae Spence

Your cause should get the attention it deserves so you can keep doing more of what matters. Let’s get started!