Regenerative marketing for social and climate innovation


Regenerative marketing for social and climate innovation

We believe that marketing – if done with empathy, honesty and a deep care for all life – can contribute to driving change that really matters. That’s why we’re here: to help social and climate innovators scale their impact through a regenerative marketing approach that is aligned with their core values, communities and the wider ecosystem. And help transform the marketing landscape while at it!

We believe that marketing – if done with empathy, honesty and a deep care for all life – can contribute to driving change that really matters. That’s why we’re here: to help social and climate innovators scale their impact through a regenerative marketing approach that is aligned with their core values, communities and the wider ecosystem. And help transform the marketing landscape while at it!

How we work

Committed to regeneration and ethical marketing


It’s time the world moves away from the traditional, profit-only way of doing marketing. That’s why we team up with organisations who care, amplifying their impact while advocating for regenerative marketing practices.

Our collaboration – a lasting partnership


We’re in it for the long term. We dive into your world, ensuring our solutions match your purpose, goals and values. Afterwards, we keep in touch to make sure things are rolling according to the plan.

Cross-sector experience and fresh ideas


Having worked across impact-first sectors and delved into their dynamics, we quickly understand how things work and love a change-making vision. We’re avid learners, and our ability to connect the dots gives rise to unique, innovative ideas.

Synergy in strategy and operations


We’re your partners in strategy and action. We zoom out for the big picture and provide strategic advice; then we roll up our sleeves to ensure a smooth implementation and continuous improvement.

Focused on quality and innovation


We’re committed to providing you with a top-notch experience. By staying updated on regenerative marketing trends, seeking fresh ideas, and assessing how they fit into your world, we make your job easier and your organisation sharper.

Our story

Back in 2011, Laura Tufis – founder of The Marketing Palette – moved away from a brief stint in the corporate world after quickly becoming disillusioned with the profit-only nature of the work. Seeking a more meaningful path, she joined the impact space and got immersed in sectors like education, clean energy, gender equality, tech for good and more.

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The Marketing Palette took root in 2013, when Laura started noticing a serious need for stronger marketing practices across purpose-led organisations. So she kicked off the consultancy as a project alongside her job, aiming to support a wider range of companies in putting more good out into the world. This continued on and off until 2020.

Throughout this journey, it became evident that for the impact space to thrive, we need to break free from the traditional marketing models we’ve been used to and re-imagine a new paradigm.

A clear mission emerged: transforming marketing for impact by embracing a regenerative approach – one that draws inspiration from nature and actively restores ecosystems and communities.

In September 2020, Laura turned The Marketing Palette into a full-time consultancy. Today, we are evolving into a network of value-aligned independent professionals, bringing expertise in impact-first marketing, communications, design and web development so that together, we can address the larger scope of your outreach needs.

Who we are

Laura Tufis | Founder and Impact-first Marketer

Laura is committed to helping shift the marketing landscape from today’s consumerist, limitless growth approach to a regenerative mindset that puts life at the centre.

She supports social and climate innovators in scaling their impact through regenerative marketing strategies and is a member of the Regenerative Marketing Committee, where she’s currently contributing to shaping the principles and framework for organisations transitioning towards a regenerative approach.

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With 10+ years of experience across areas like education, clean energy, mental health, gender equality, tech for good and more, she helps develop and thrives in spaces that foster connection, community and inclusive change.

Laura brings in-depth expertise in designing marketing strategies for impact, conducting persona research, strengthening brand narratives, streamlining stakeholder journeys and digital processes, and creating websites that lead to meaningful action. She has extensive experience working with marketing automation systems like HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, MailerLite and more.

Laura holds a Master’s degree in Strategic Marketing from Maastricht University in the Netherlands. She loves yoga, cycling and walking in the nature, sharing playful moments with her cat Ollie 😸, delving into social and environmental topics, and playing board games with her partner.

Looking for more than just marketing support?

A solid marketing strategy goes hand in hand with a powerful brand, inspiring content, and a well designed website. That’s why, depending on your project goals and needs, I collaborate with several other independent professionals who are also committed to creating impact and are brilliant in their own craft.

Sarah Fencott

Sarah Fencott | Writer and Editor

Sarah is a writer and editor focused on amplifying social and environmental impact. She writes for organisations that place people and planet at the very core of their work. She’s worked with sustainable development organisations dedicated to driving social change, non-profits dedicated to improving corporate transparency, and corporates communicating their sustainability efforts. She’s also worked with the global sustainability standard setter, GRI.

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Strong ethical and moral values drive her work, as does a deep empathy for the reader perspective. She enjoys the challenge of creating copy with just the right nuance to drive action, engagement or deepen understanding on important topics, be they environmental, social, or ethical. She has a business degree from Loughborough University, and is founder of The Write Impact.

When she’s writing, there’s often a fluffy Keeshond 🐶 at her feet, and a couple of cats 🐱🐱 snoozing away nearby. When she’s not writing, she loves being out in nature, identifying birds and other wildlife. She also enjoys running, cooking, gardening, and getting lost in a good book.

Samuel Thomas | Web Developer

Sam has extensive experience working with WordPress, Django, Flutter, APIs of social networks and websites, and intermediate level Code Igniter framework. His skills include HTML/CSS/JS/JQuery, PHP, Python and MySQL. He is also an efficient database designer. Sam is also the co-founder of Sputznik, an impact-first web design and development agency, and he managed Akvo Foundation’s WordPress-based products for three years.

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He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science. Academically, he has worked in Natural Language Processing, Semantic Web, Java and several web technologies. Sam is an active musician 🎵 and also manages Vineyard Home, an orphanage under the organisation Mission to the Unreached.

Cristina Vulpe

Cristina Vulpe | Creative Director

Cristina is a Creative Director, co-founder of the Wefflermark advertising agency, which took the 3rd place in TOP Agencies in Romania in 2022 and a founding member of CIPRA, an NGO that aims to increase the quality of life in Romania through reliable information. She started her professional journey more than 10 years ago, during which she developed and implemented creative strategies for large companies in various industries.

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In the last seven years, she has been involved in the development of communication campaigns for NGOs in the area of recycling and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Some of these projects have been selected and awarded nationally and internationally.

Cristina has studies in Psychology and a master’s degree in Sociology. Beyond her professional endeavours, she cherishes quality time with her son and spirited Jack Russell dog 🐶  and loves immersing herself in her passion for interior design, all while savouring generous cups of coffee.

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