Power up your fundraising

Unlock the Marketing Palette

Expand the reach of your cause strategically and mindfully

Guided by the Cause Canvas – a strategic marketing tool I designed for NGOs aiming to power up their fundraising while staying mindful of their mission and values – you’ll gain more clarity on the core purpose of your cause, distill your solutions and determine the steps needed for your organisation to make a splash. Together we’ll better understand your audiences, sharpen your key messages and maximise your ideal platforms.

Cause Canvas head-start

We help you kick-start the use of the Cause Canvas, from conducting an assessment of the status quo to identifying gaps and opportunities, and providing advice on how to move forward.

 Donor journey optimisation

We design your donor journey for maximum engagement and alignment with your higher goal: from mapping the must-have donor touch points to developing key messages that speak to your donors and reflect the needs and wants of the local actors.

Cause Canvas implementation

We help you implement the Cause Canvas by developing a marketing and fundraising strategy that attracts donors and turns them into long-term advocates – all the while making sure you stay true to your foundational values.

Supercharge your website

Is your website aligned with your organisation’s objectives? Does it tell a clear, captivating story that resonates with your audience and triggers action? Do you have a blog and if so, is it converting visitors into leads? These are only some of the points that I will address to make sure that your website supports your NGO’s goals and ignites your cause at every step.

Website audit

You provide your organisation’s key objectives and website analytics and we conduct an audit of your website’s content and structure, and offer key action points for alignment.

Website strategy

Based on the website audit, we develop your user personas, map your donor journey and create your website’s main structure and content pillars.

Website revamp

We manage your website revamp from A to Z: audit, strategy, communication with web developers, content refresh and content migration.

Let your expertise shine

Tap into your NGO’s knowledge and expertise, connect with your audience through content that matters and position your NGO as a thought leader in your field. With your personas in mind, I will help you define your content pillars and put together an SEO-driven content strategy that will inspire and build long-lasting relationships.

Content brainstorm

We organise a five-hour meeting in which we discuss your content priorities and fill out your editorial calendar with content pieces tailored to your organisation’s personas.

Content audit

You provide your fundraising goals, analytics and persona details and we conduct an assessment of your raw content to identify opportunities for a strong content marketing strategy.

Content strategy

Based on the content audit, we develop a content strategy that is aligned with your fundraising objectives, positions your organisation as a thought leader in your field, generates new donors and engages the current ones.

Make a splash

 Accelerate the growth and engagement of your community – from donors and sponsors to members and customers. With the Marketing Palette you will start creating tailored content, run powerful campaigns and maximise your lead conversion efforts. But we won’t stop there. We crunch the numbers, review, learn and continuously improve.

One-off campaign

We manage one campaign based on your current content. For example, we can organise campaigns for days you observe (eg World Water Day) or manage live social media coverage at events.

Marketing materials kit

We develop marketing materials with tailored key messages and ready-made posts that you can share organisation-wide and publish in your future campaigns.

Regular campaigns

We manage your weekly/monthly social media and email campaigns, from content curation and crafting tailored messages to sharing with relevant audiences and reporting.

Why wait? Your cause should start getting the attention it deserves right now!