Marketing strategy

Following market research and an in-depth assessment of your NGO’s current situation, we will set goals and priorities and outline a concrete marketing strategy for your organisation – your ’cause canvas’. Together, we will define personas, identify your unique selling points and craft a value proposition and key messages that resonate with your target groups. With your mission and vision in mind, I will develop a clear long- and short-term roadmap and establish a series of metrics to track the results of your new strategy.

Content strategy

Heard of inbound marketing? Inbound marketing will bring the supporters you’re looking for through the awesome content you will create to meet their needs and aspirations. This approach replaces pushy advertising that fights for their attention and gets quickly ignored. With your personas in mind, I will help you define your main content pillars and put together an SEO-focused content strategy that will inspire your supporters to take action. The strategy will of course be accompanied by a comprehensive editorial and dissemination plan.

Website revamps

Is your website aligned with your organisation’s objectives? Does it tell a clear, captivating story that inspires and triggers action? Does it offer a pleasant, engaging and interactive user experience? A modern and appealing design? Does it have a blog and if so, does it convert visitors into leads? Is it optimised for search engines? These are only some of the points that I will address to make sure that your website supports your NGOs goals.

Social media

With your NGO’s overall strategy in mind, I will put together a step-by-step creative social media strategy to support your cause and reach your personas. I will select the channels that work best for your organisation and by using the latest tools and top-notch tactics, will accelerate the growth and engagement of your community. Do you do campaigning or organise/attend events? Let’s give your cause the buzz that it deserves!

Email marketing

Have you turned your website visitors into leads? Now it’s time to convert them into dedicated donors or customers! Are you fundraising, trying to raise the number of participants at your events, or maybe attract more sponsors? I will help you create engaging content, run powerful campaigns and maximise your lead conversion efforts. But we won’t stop there. The analytics will help us improve the content. We crunch the numbers, review, learn and improve at every step.

Web analytics

Any assessment will start with an in-depth analysis of your current metrics. Any implemented strategy will be followed by detailed reporting in order to evaluate results and continuously improve decision-making. I will look at your website, social media and email analytics and will draw up an action plan as well as a reporting template for you to use in the future and regularly track your progress.

Why wait? Your cause should start getting the attention it deserves right now!